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Member Perk Bags

Post by Jellibeen » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:59 pm

Please DM Jellibeen with your item requests. We will use your discord name and put that name on a backpack. ALL of your requested items will get put into that backpack. You will come to wherever we drop a house to store these, and send ONE of the staff members a tell "Hi, this is Jellibeen on this character I'd like X,Y,Z items" Once you have those items, go get your next character rinse and repeat using your DISCORD names to let us know who you are to get the correct items on each toon.

IF by chance you choose the and item on the wrong toon, we will fix it AFTER the initial 10 days.. Please remember that after we are live for 10 days, these bags will no longer be given out, so if there are unclaimed items, or you don't come get these bags within 10 days, you forfeit them.

If you request an item that that takes other items to make (ie: the cloud city house) it counts as 4 items not one.

No, you may not have the Belt of Bodo Baas for your 'backpack', and no we are not handing out capped weapons as items or credits of any amount. Please make sure you read Erebus' post on what items you get to choose

If you have any questions, please DM Jellibeen in discord.

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