Final Say on Player Bags

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Final Say on Player Bags

Post by Jellibeen » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:39 am

I know we've had some changes due to no one's fault, so here is the FINAL say on Player Bags.

1. The shop will open at 3 pm EST on Sunday 3-10-2019 and go until Nater and Jellibeen are worn out, and we will make an announcement that we are done for the day. From that point forward, announcements will be made each day when we're starting up and when we're finished.

2. We ask that if you have all your characters logged on (and all mostly together in the same place, if you're playing on one, have the others close by, or in a house all together, and preferably not all in front of the Mos Eisley Starport) and be in the Community VOICE General channel in Ascendancy Discord. We will randomly select someone and pull you into a closed voice channel where you will tell us your character name.

3. We will then warp that character to an undisclosed location, and there will be 2 guild halls in front of you. One guild hall is is labeled New Players (on the left), the other Returning Players (on the right). Please enter the correct guild hall and Nater or Jellibeen will ask you what items you would like on that character (all selections are FINAL on the TCG items, we will NOT trade them around later), and be given your every player bag for that character.

4. Please take a moment and check your bags to make sure everything is there and accounted for. If an item is missing, please say something right then, and we will make corrections.

5. Once you have received all of your bags on all of your characters, please DM Jellibeen that all bags are received and correct.

* we were able to get HEAVY Chemical Harvesters (sorry we can't give the Elites for this one)

* if you DM or state in discord chat in any channel that you are ready/available for your bags, you will be moved to the end of the line.

* If you get rude with a staff member, you run the risk of losing a bag or bags.

* You may NOT change items you already asked for for something else. All items requested were approved and not going to change now.

* If your request is not in by Tues 3-12-2019.

We thank you for your patience and understanding through the issues we've had getting these out to you.

Ascendancy Staff

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