SREmu Server and Ascendancy Server

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SREmu Server and Ascendancy Server

Post by Erebus » Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:24 pm

SREmu and Ascendancy run a Pre-Cu Server and a NGE Server. Server perks for the SREmu is as follows and more to be announced at a later date.

A little bit about SREmu

SR Emu (Sentinels Republic Emu) is a Pre-Cu server with lots of custom content, planets and lots more. They have similar values to VoH and are a very friendly and helpful staff team as well as a wonderful Community. The server has been online for over a year and is growing rapidly as word spreads about SREmu and what they offer the community.

You can visit them at the following site -
Discord link -
Facebook Page -

Server Features
Pre-CU Professions with balance tweaks
Publish 9 Jedi Unlock with accelerated Village cycle
New Planets, Species and Unique Content
New and Adjusted Loot
NGE Houses and Items
Accelerated XP Gains
Server Rates
Jedi: 2x
Crafting: 5x
Medical: 5x
Entertainer: 5x
All Other Xp: 5x
Storage Limits
Creature Pets: 5
Faction Pets: 5
Droids: 5
Vehicles: 5
Lots: 10
House Storage: 200 items per lot
Skill Points
Reduced Novice Artisan to 5
Reduced Novice Entertainer to 0
Reduced each Entertainer trees from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3, 4
Reduced Novice Scout to 5
Reduced Trapping and Survival trees from 2, 3, 4, 5 to 1, 2, 3, 4
Removed skill point requirement for Merchant
Removed XP requirement for Politician
Reduced Vehicle call time to 5s, 15s with TEF
Reduced decay on Bikes
Reduced City population requirements
Increased /board range
Shuttle ticket range increased to 20m
Can fly from any NPC shuttle to anywhere in galaxy
Increased Group size to 50
Removed the range limitation of /makeleader command
Buff Removal Terminals
SEA Removal Tool
Unique World Bosses
… and more…

We believe this relationship will strengthen what we want here at VoH along with strengthening SR Emu team and help both servers grow for the future.
This opportunity gives both teams and community of players the chance to have similar experiences with each other on either server if they so wish and be safe in the knowledge that they will be in a friendly and helpful environment and community on both servers.
We want to give the entire SWG community the chance to have a better experience playing the game to its fullest, all the aspects we all enjoy.

We want to thank everyone for their patient and to show you perservances are worth the wait. We hope everyone will continue to enjoy the game in all its aspects available.